DIY Installations

DIY Home Installations

Spinergy®’s DIY installations enable you to generate electricity from what would otherwise be inconveniences such as roof run-off and wind.

Every time it rains, free energy is literally going down the drain. Spinergy®’s pico roof catchment technology allows you to harness storm water energy as it flows through a down-pipe. Suitable for new residences, or for retro-fitting to existing pipe infrastructure.

Spinergy® has pico wind generators to mount permanently to the roof of a residence to provide trickle charge for batteries, or emergency back-up power for LED lighting in a storm. The technology is also available to retro-fit to existing exhaust fans – start Working with the Earth® today!

Protect your home against serious water damage from leaking pipes using Hydrospinergy Inflowmatic™, which can tell you how much water your home is using in real time or logged. Your display panel will immediately advise you if you have a leaking or burst pipe – and this could save you tens of thousands of dollars!

DIY Roof Run-OffDIY Roof Run-Off

DIY Roof Run-Off

The extensive area of roofs and the need to drain rainwater run-off provide opportunities to harness the hydraulic energy generated by roof stormwater running through a downpipe.

A report based on a standard 250m2 house was prepared for Adelaide, Australia’s capital city with the lowest rainfall. Roof designs included the slope factor referenced in AS 3500.3. A quad spouting with a cross sectional area of 6125mm2 was selected, and it was ascertained that 5 systems would be fitted to a standard house – and that there was considerable potential for utilizing the hydraulic energy produced by roof stormwater (see above).

This potential cam be multiplied of course, in larger homes, in commercial and industrial buildings, and even in large agricultural structures such as green houses.