Spinergy™ is a leading clean energy company

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, we provide Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) to clients around the world. Spinergy™ generates power by Working With the Earth™.

Our core technologies, Spinergy™ and Hydrospinergy™, include a range of new products, processes and services which have domestic, commercial, industrial and infrastructural applications, in particular for the Water and Oil/Gas Industries, but also for Agriculture, Mining, Dairy, Paper Pulp Mills and a host of other industries. Spinergy™ provides clean energy through its unique, patented inline generators.

Whether supplying power to isolated villages by capturing energy from remote infrastructure pipes; or providing in situ power to drive telemetric instrumentation for real-time or logged data collection, water purification, acoustic monitoring or security management, Spinergy™ inline generators are clean, low cost, low carbon footprint, low maintenance and very reliable.

It’s Pipe power – a new generation™


The Spinergy Board of Directors

The Board of Directors provides discrete governance and direction for Spinergy Pty Ltd and its subsidiaries as they are established in different regions throughout the world.

Recognising the different legislation and regulations in each jurisdictions, coupled with the variety of cultures in which Spinergy™ operates, we appoint local specialists, professionals with trans-jurisdiction experience, and international advisors, who provide assistance to appointed Executive Management in each country as required.