Desalinisation plants

Spinergy technologies may be used in pico and femto desalinisation plants. Major desalinisation plants can generate power as they return the saline water to the sea. These plants can both generate power with Spinergy, and/or be powered by electricity generated by Spinergy .

Irrigation and Agriculture

Spinergy provides significant cost savings and environment saving opportunities for agriculturalists. The pipes that supply the water for crops can also supply the power for sensor-probes, for opening and shutting solenoids and valves, for powering telemetry devices.

Interface with Power Management Telemetric Systems to:

  1. minimized water wastage
  2. reduce soil salinity
  3. enhance water quality
  4. inject measured fertiliser
  5. inject missing trace elements
  6. reduce water usage costs to Agriculturalists

This enables:

  • Provision of in situ energy for monitoring diurnal water usage and/or leak detection
  • Remote irrigation management
  • Reduced installation and maintenance costs
  • Seamless integration in existing meter systems
  • Lowered costs (no expensive solar systems or diesel generators) for remote sites
  • Provision of power for telemetry enabling real-time data collection including leak detection and security breaches
  • Remote Crop management
  • Reduced water wastage and costs
  • Reduced soil salinity
  • Injection of measured fertiliser or trace elements
  • Enhanced water quality (minimizing polluted water returning to waterways)
  • Improvements in soil quality and crop yields
  • Cost saving through identification of leaks
  • Planned diurnal patterns of water use

Purifying water to residential premises

Through our alliance with South Australian company, Hydro-Dis, we are able to enhance the quality of water. There are some sites that Hydro-Dis technologies cannot be installed due to lack of power availability. With Spinergy technologies located near to the Hydro-Dis solutions, there is sufficient power to ensure distillation of water whenever the water flows.

Spinergy can provide potable water for human consumption by interfacing with micro-desalinisation plants, and/or with Hydro-Dis.

Spinergy aims to co-operate with NGOs and local communities in developing nations to supply low cost, easily installed and easily maintained products.   Spinergy™ products don’t require sophisticated engineering or high level technical skills, and are absolutely ideal for countries where people access poor quality water and have low education/technical levels.