Technical Specifications

Spinergy technologies comply with, and are compatible with a range of existing Standards.

Simplicity of Construction is very appealing to industry, and vital for developing nations where the workforce is dominated by poor literacy and low level skills; likewise simplicity of construction assists in low cost manufacture, installation and maintenance. Spinergy technologies are scalable, and have a modulated structure for different power options, and are customisable for pipes of different diameter, and for different flow rates.

Ideal for infrastructure – whether water, oil or gas – Spinergy technologies can generate power to supply larger pipe systems with real time, or logged data and telemetric systems; or for acoustic monitoring of leakages or security breaches; or can harness the energy to supply power to remote communities.

Reduce carbon footprint by replacing solar panels, and requiring smaller/fewer batteries. Reduce costs by replacing solar panels which are subject to vandalism and theft. Reduce costs to governments, agriculture, commerce, industry and infrastructure.

Spinergy is a listed supplier to South Australian River Murray Sustainability Program

  • Supply power to remote residences or to the local grid
  • Decrease greenhouse gas emissions
  • Minimize water wastage
  • Enhance soil quality

Two of the world’s most valuable resources water and energy, which are completely intertwined. Both are under severe global threat. To that end European and North American authorities have set down requirements for the installation of smart meters. The smart meter market is a potential USD7B per annum market, and Spinergy aims to share in it.

Spinergy designs, develops and manufactures a range of proprietary products and technologies encompassing smart power generators and smart metering systems.

Spinergy offers turnkey solutions for unique problems, unique sites and specific industries.

Spinergy is aligning with NGO’s and mining companies to facilitate community development in The Republic of the Philippines, and is keen to expand our assistance to the people of Laos, Thailand, India, Pakistan, BanglaDesh, African and South American countries, to assist towards employment, entrepreneurship (micro business and SMEs), and to decrease salinity, enhance soil protection and, increase crop output.