Working with the Earth®

Spinergy’s technologies generate power by Working with the Earth® to harness natural forces – in the form of magnetic fields and the flow of air, water, gas, oil or any fluid moving through a pipe system under pressure – to generate, store and measure the usage of electricity.

Spinergy’s technologies provide in situ power enabling real time measurement and remote monitoring of water usage and powering other devices, which ensures a reduction in water wastage, enhances soil quality, destroys harmful bacteria and viruses, and can drive instrumentation and telemetry equipment for irrigation, or acoustic monitoring of infrastructure pipes.

Spinergy’s core technologies, Spinergy® and Hydrospinergy®, include a range of new products, processes and services which have domestic, commercial, industrial and infrastructural applications. Spinergy’s renewable “clean” energy generation technologies provide inline generators in infrastructure pipes, and/or in situ power to drive instrumentation or telemetry equipment. Spinergy is cheaper, safer, easier to install, and more reliable and robust once in operation:-

  • Ideal for infrastructure, gas, water, oil – Supplying power to larger pipe systems for telemetry and acoustic monitoring of leakages, damage etc or remote communities
  • Supplying power to remote residences located near infrastructure pipes
  • Reducing costs to governments, agriculture, commerce, industry and infrastructure
  • Supplying power to the local grid
  • Minimizing water wastage
  • Enhancing soil quality
  • Reducing costs by replacing solar panels which are subject to vandalism and theft
  • Reducing carbon footprint by replacing solar panels, and requiring smaller/fewer batteries
  • Decreasing greenhouse gas emissions

Simplicity of design, scalability and robustness of construction and a longevity of 12-15 years make Spinergy products particularly appealing for remote sites. Minimizing maintenance and maximizing savings over alternative pico and femto power generation systems.

These patented devices form an integral part of various renewable energy and conservation devices and come in different product categories.

Depending on the head and flow, of course, the power generated will vary, but based on normal flow rates in Australia, and the low pressure heads in South Australia, due to our very low topography, our very conservative power generation from each of the Hydrospinergy™ technologies is as follows:

  • 15mm – 20mm, embedded within a water meter – 6V AC and 20 milliamps sufficient power telemetry and to charge a lithium cell – both the generator and the battery will last for 10 years
  • 25mm generator – generates 40V AC and 500 milliamps
  • 50mm – generates 160V AC and 30W
  • 100mm – generates 180V AC and 30W
  • 250mm – tests currently underway
  • 500mm – tests currently underway
  • 1M – under design
  • >1M – under design

In Summary:

  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Supply in situ power to infrastructure systems:
    • acoustic monitoring of leakages
    • damage
    • security data monitoring
    • management and communications
    • Individual/independent power source or combined in multi-station system
    • any non reactive liquid