Oil / Gas

Infrastructure pipes

All over Australia, and almost every other country, there is a vast network consisting of thousands of miles of infrastructure pipes. Much of the networks of the world traverse isolated and harsh environments. There are generated power stations located at regular intervals along the pipelines these are usually solar powered. However, these systems are vulnerable to unfavourable conditions, expensive to manufacture, transport, maintain and replace, and therefore frequently prove unreliable. Maintenance crews constantly travel thousands of miles simply to repair and/or replace these less robust systems. Crews travel in heavy 4 x 4 vehicles, which have low fuel economies and which contribute further to the carbon footprint. by providing a robust solution with the potential to generate more power than the current systems, the frequency of visits to remote locations by maintenance crews will decrease, with a subsequent reduction in the consumption of petrol and/or diesel.

Spinergy™ technologies work with any non reactive gas or liquid to provide power for telemetry enabling real-time data collection, leak detection and infrastructure security.

Spinergy is now approaching industry leaders with a project plan for using Spinergy™ technologies to generate power across the network, and in particular, in isolated pipeline sections.