Strategic Alliance Partners

We are so proud to partner with these progressive organisations

University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide is a world-class tertiary education and research institution committed to delivering high quality and distinct learning, teaching and research experiences.

Centred on discovering new knowledge; pursuing innovation and preparing the educated leaders of tomorrow who are independent, creative thinkers with an international perspective, The University of Adelaide is an ideal strategic alliance partner for Spinergy®.


The Research Branch of The University of Adelaide, is part of the Division of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Research), and provides advice and support for University researchers and industry sponsors, contributing to an environment that facilitates and enables high quality research.

Spinergy®’s co-operation with The University of Adelaide provides assurance to the market, our clients and end users that Spinergy®’s research results are ethical and have met legislative compliance and that test results provide reliable data for collating and analysing performance of Spinergy®’s technologies.

Specifically, we are targeting research on large infrastructure pipes (materials, heat, pressure, hydraulics).


Novafast is an international leader in the manufacture of composite pipelines for oil & gas, mining, energy and water industries.

Their pipes are corrosion resistant and durable and are sold throughout the Middle East and in some countries in the Greater Asia Region.


NovaFast products which are amongst the highest pressure pipes in the world. Joint developments with Spinergy®, Hydro-Dis, Novafast and Basetec Services has the potential to enable high quality turnkey project delivery anywhere in the world.

Helping to highlight South Australia as a provider to key industries of Water, Electricity, Oil & Gas and Mining industries in global markets.

Pacific Spectrum Environmental

Pacific Spectrum Philippines (“Pacific Spectrum”) is comprised of a number of professionals who understood that environmental problems frequently require expertise and solutions that converge across several professional spheres, including natural science, engineering, economics, social science and law. Each has a commitment to excellence and a determination to never compromising integrity.
Pacific Spectrum promotes applied environmental research on pollution prevention, waste management and treatment technologies for local industrial facilities; assists government and other private institutions in developing and implementing environmental management strategies, plans and programs; and promotes education and awareness concerning environmental protection and sustainable development.


Pacific Spectrum is involved in environmental engineering research and consultancy projects undertaken for various industrial companies and government institutions, working as project managers or technical associates. The group’s accumulated experience is vast and covers environmental undertakings through environmental research, treatment process design and assessment, waste management, environmental sampling and monitoring, cleaner production and, environmental impact and risk assessments.

SLTEC Fertilizers

SLTEC™ Fertilizers is an Australian industry leader in manufacturing Fluid Fertilizers and Bio Stimulants, with a significant market presence through the Australian Eastern Seaboard.

The business has seen sustained growth in a rapidly growing marketplace in recent years, and as a result has recently undergone significant infrastructure upgrades, including investment in transport, production and storage facilities of both raw materials and manufactured fertilizers.


SLTEC™ believes in quality, reliability and developing liquid fertilizers that meet the exact requirements of their clients’ crops, based on soil and tissue testing, including creating customized specific blends.

They have a range of fertilizers which includes a variety of organic Bio Stimulatns to enhance the effectiveness of their fertilizers.

MACGlobal and SLTEC™ have a Heads of Agreement with Spinergy to establish a demonstration field with Spinergy technologies powering the irrigation and automated fertilization systems.

babyHydro (UK)

babyHydro (UK) has been specializing in the design and implementation of complete micro and small-scale hydro-power solutions across Scotland since 2008.

They focus on run of river schemes between 10kW to 500kW working with landowners, businesses and communities to identify potential sites, and manage construction.


Spinergy and baby-Hydro are identifying a range of ways to co-operate to ensure maximum global penetration of each other’s technologies and services.

Together we can offer turnkey solutions for run of river small-scale hydro - from idea to operation.

Greene Eden

Greene Eden is another of Spinergy®’s South Australian, Strategic Alliance partners.

Established mid 1970’s, Greene Eden has focused on serving South Australia – and has established over 200 hectares with sub-surface drip products and remote irrigation management systems.


Greene Eden manages irrigation systems for local government ovals and reserves, and over 50% of Education Department schools by practical work “on the ground” and through remote irrigation management.

Greene Eden’s soil analysts provide tailored soil remediation solutions, resulting in the most environmentally acceptable solution.

Greene Eden’s products powered by Spinergy® technologies lower electricity and water costs and contribute to the “Greene-ing of South Australia.

Hydro-Dis Water Treatment Systems

Hydro-Dis system is a unique water disinfection technique.


The Hydro-Dis water disinfection system uses the electrolytic breakdown of water to instantly destroy water borne micro-organisms and micro-flora. It replaces chemical dosing , Ultra Violet Irradiation and Ozonisation with cost effective environmentally friendly, modular and portable system.


MACGlobal’s CEO, Jamie McMaster specialised in working with agribusiness and supplying Irrigation System Design, including remote records and information management, and Project Management consultancy services for almost two decades.

MACGlobal also supplies the mining sector with a range of services.


Focused on social, environmental and economic sustainability, MACGlobal’s client base includes farm businesses, Rural Industry Producer Groups & Association and Catchment Management Authorities.

MACGlobal and SLTEC™ have a Heads of Agreement with Spinergy to establish a demonstration field with Spinergy technologies powering the irrigation and automated fertilization systems.

Basetec Services

High quality services in pipe infastructure.


Another Strategic Alliance Partner from South Australia is Basetec Services. This company provides high quality services in pipe infrastructure – and will be able to contribute nationally and internationally to the installation of Spinergy® products.