Working with the earth

Spinergy Pty Ltd (ACN 134730895) is an Australian technology company, that was incorporated in 2008 for the purpose of commercializing Australian Patents and Trademarks for the Spinergy® and Hydrospinergy®“in-line turbine generators ie electricity generation and power conservation devices.

Spinergy generates power by Working With the Earth®.  Our core technologies, Spinergy® and Hydrospinergy®, include a range of new products, processes and services which have industrial, infrastructural, commercial and consumer applications.

Spinergy is approved by Australian Government as a Research and Development entity for the receipt of R&D Concessional Rebates, and is approved by Austrade as a recipient of Export Market Development Grants.

Spinergy is working with Water Utilities to install its technologies in infrastructure pipes to generate power to significantly reduce electricity costs, and to provide telemetric systems to enable remote monitoring and management of operations.

Spinergy has a sound Intellectual Property portfolio, and a licensing model that is low risk, offers high margins, and benefits member of the value chain.

The Spinergy Management Team has global marketing, commercialisation and operations experience.

Certificate of registration of a design

Certificate of registration of trade mark

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  • To provide technologies to Oil, Gas and Water infrastructure providers
  • To undertake joint developments with key industry players (Water Utilities, Smart Meter manufacturers, Irrigators and Mining Corporations)
  • To form strategic alliances with groups who have penetration in specific markets, and discrete segments
  • To form strategic alliances with entities with complementary technologies, including smart meter manufacturers
  • To provide world class technologies to entities that provide irrigation management for many of the world’s golf courses and commercial agriculture operations
  • To provide low cost technologies to local companies providing remote irrigation services to public spaces including parks and gardens, schools, ovals and households
  • To gain a 7.5% share of worldwide pico generators and smart metering systems market
  • To design, develop, manufacture and brand a range of proprietary products and technologies encompassing smart power generators, smart metering systems, bundled products with merged solutions, which can be customised for global brands, unique sites and/or specific industries
  • To license quality, secure manufacturer/s (proven and selected) and secure the supply chain and drive costs down to supply globally competitive products
  • To gain a presence in key global markets through aggressively marketing, and through alliances with infrastructure pipeline managers, distribution channels and governments to supply energy conscious, burgeoning markets with clean energy technology solutions
  • To align with NGO’s for international community development in The Philippines, North, East and West African countries, India, Pakistan, BanglaDesh and South American countries
  • To assist towards soil protection, increased crop output, decreasing salinity


  • Water Utilities, other Water Infrastructure stakeholders
  • Oil and Gas Infrastructure stakeholders
  • Irrigators
  • Mining corporations
  • Local, State and Federal Governments
  • Smart Metering (domestic, commercial, industrial)
  • Agriculture inc Viticulture and Golf Course Managers
  • Private Schools and Colleges


  • Sales of Products and Services
  • Provision of bespoke technology solutions – design, development, installation, commissioning, maintenance management – for Water, Oil and Gas
  • Licensing of Technologies
  • Manufacturing of Products for Third Parties


Representatives to deploy units for operations at strategic locations to enable field demonstrations to end users in The Philippines, the Middle East, West Africa and Canada


  • to allow the end-users to experience the simplicity of installation, monitoring, measurements and maintenance when installed at their own site, within their own processes


  • attendance at international exhibitions
  • exhibit at industry conferences
  • presentations and demonstrations at industry conferences


  • to generate awareness globally, to capture the attention, and imagination of potential users

Sales Regions:

Initiate sales in at-least two new international regions


  • to generate working capital to enable further market penetration in those new regions


  • the deployment of the initial 5 units to commence within Q4, 2017FY with a roll out of a further 6 new locations over the following 12 months with suitable strategic alliance partners


  • The Philippines – Water Utility
  • Ivory Coast – Mining
  • South Africa – Mining and Energy
  • Sierra Leone – Government Infrastructure
  • Middle East – Oil/Gas or Water Infrastructure –targeting Oman, United Arab Emirates and Egypt
  • Canada – Oil and/or Water Infrastructure
  • China – Water Utilities



  • Power Generation
  • Enhancement of national water supplies
  • Supporting water quality treatment through strategic alliance partner, South Australian company Hydro-Dis Systems
  • Waste water management
  • Oil, gas and mining – enhanced security; reduced power extracted from the grid


  • R&D Concessional Rebates (Australian Government);
  • Export Market Development Grants (Australian Government);
  • Northern Economic Development Region (South Australian Government)
  • Potential for Australian Commercialisation Grant (Australian Government);
  • Anticipate potential for receiving grants from United Nations and