Spinergy forms strategic alliance with Hydro-Dis Water Treatment Systems

A strategic alliance has been formed between Spinergy and Hydro-Dis Water Treatment Systems.

Hydro-Dis have developed a unique water disinfection technique that uses the electrolytic break down of water to instantly destroy water borne micro-organisms and micro-flora, simultaneously converting chloride ions into chlorine leaving a measured residual disinfection in the treated water giving a secondary disinfection ensuring sustained microbiological control.

The Hydro-Dis system is cost effective, environmentally friendly, modular and portable.  Spinergy’s Hydrospinergy® inline generators can provide electricity insitu to power the Hydro-Dis systems.  Ideal for highly urbanized environments and remote communities alike – the convergence of Spinergy and Hydro-Dis systems will ensure potable water is available in both advanced and developing economies.

The Principals of both entities see the potential for joint installation projects in irrigation, mining and oil and gas industries, as well as for applying for UN Funding to assist developing nations meet their Millenium Sustainability Goals including supply of power and potable water to regional and remote communities.

A number of joint development projects and the possibility of a Joint Venture to ensure the provision of turnkey solutions to infrastructure clients and other industry clients are under discussion.